What Brought Me Here

March, 1994. A legend was born.

Hi there, I’m João Paulo, originally from Rio de Janeiro, born in March 1994. Before you think I’m being cocky, the legend in question is the Pink Floyd’s 14th album “The Division Bell“, which was debuted on the very same time as mentioned above.

Some records may come along with a lot of information but fails to deliver that shiver up your spine. Other compositions may bring you such amazing feelings but also leaving its message to an intrinsic interpretation, which places the overall understanding mostly up to you.

The right amount of feeling and meaning  is where the magic happens, this is where you are not only able to dive into a full musical-emotional experience, but also envision the greater meaning behind its piece. This is where the musician holds the burden to wisely influence its listeners (if (god help us) he so chooses to be wise). Fortunately, Pink Floyd’s lead magician, I mean, guitarist, David Guilmour, does such job amazingly well:

High Hopes (The Division Bell – Track 11) – Guilmour, along with its co-producer Bob Ezrin, had the genius idea to sample some bells by looping, cutting, tuning and syncing to use as an important part of the song. Filling most of the off beats with great power and coherence, these bells rang marvellously well throughout the instruments, turning it into an unique dialog amongst drums and keys.

The first time I heard it I was a young Brazilian kid with not much sense of what was happening to the world nor enriching musical background or even English to understand what was being said, but, nevertheless, these bells felt so self explanatory to me. Even if I couldn’t fully understand it yet, for each rung there was a sense of order and chaos, humanity and coexistence, the existential glory running all through my veins.

The light-bulb moment was when I got older and found out that these bells refers to the division bell used in the British parliament to announce a vote when parties just keep arguing between theirselves but can’t find a common ground. These bell samples musically portrayed the album’s main theme at its finest: communication and the idea that talking can solve many problems within a society.

What was once considered a touchy, magnificent form of art, have turned into a beautiful masterpiece, after I realised its taught: within a couple notes you can provide a rich and vast piece of information, while, at the same time, being able to reach out to an individual deepest feelings, thinking and interpretation.

At that moment, I met the true power of music and creation.


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